We use only the finest natural components to achieve a unique range of colors and textures.  Each glaze is the product of many rounds of chemical experimentation and adaptations of recipes have been passed from artisan to artisan over the generations.

Our glazes are always hand applied to each tile. The images below represent how each glaze will look with various application techniques. The glaze has been sprayed on the logo portion on the left to show how the glaze "breaks" over a textured tile pattern. The right edge of each sample has been dipped twice in glaze to show the range of color as compared to the center of the tile, which has only been dipped once. Some glaze colors are affected more by thickness than others.

Final glaze colors will be similar, yet varied, even when using the same bucket of glaze. Glaze application, thickness, firing atmosphere, temperature, and other variables can have a dramatic affect on handmade ceramic tiles. It is this variation that is a hallmark of a one of a kind installation and creates a rich variegation that is timeless. Below is an example of the range of color and texture possible and the overall effect in an installation.